The Unbreakable Body/Lower Back Method

The 6 Week Back & Hip Pain Solution For People That Don't Have Time To Be BROKEN

Stop managing your pain by attempting to mask its symptoms with weekly doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor appointments. Data shows that this is the fastest path to surgery and a life-altering future. 

Eliminate your pain by leveraging an online platform that connects your back/hip pain, nutrition, and strength through education and knowledge - don't be part of the statistics.

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The Unbreakable Body/ Lower Back Method
  • Wake up without a dull constant ache in your lower back - no matter how old you are!
  • Eliminate the sudden twinge in your lower back that seems to come from nowhere
  • ​Stop the pain that worsens after prolonged sitting or standing
  • ​​No more SH#TTY mornings from terrible sleep
  • Become Unbreakable with nutritional, strength training, and mindset coaching



How It's Done

The hips and shoulders are the engines of your spine and body. The Unbreakable Body/Lower Back Method teaches you the WHY behind your pain. Together, we will take a deep dive into the root cause behind your pain by teaching you how to move, eat better, train, and, most importantly mentally own pain - so it does not own you. My one to one coaching program teaches you the tools to become and, most importantly - STAY pain-free in six weeks. 

The Move More - Move Better System

Don't stop what you love! Let's use the hobbies you miss as the staple activities in your rehab

Mobility is Your New Medicine 

Your muscles are NOT weak. No more pointless "rehab." Start doing what works, and get the results you deserve

You Are NOT Your Diagnosis 

Pain is the language your body speaks. Now you have the Rosetta Stone and can answer back with confidence

 The 360° Full Body Approach

Learn what to eat, how to love great tasting food, and the real science behind what fuels your body for success!

We Start with Your Bodyscreen

The Bodyscreen is your personalized view of the “WHY” behind your pain. Let’s focus on the cause of your pain and prevent future injuries you don’t even know that are creeping around the corner. 

The Bodyscreen will outline where we need to start and give us fantastic direction about your current state. 

Your Bodyscreen will be our 3D glasses into the root cause of your problems and pain. These simple lines and circles are the Rosette Stone in your journey to becoming and STAYING pain-free.

Then We Build Your Action Plan

We will book your individual consultation after you have received your video annotation of me taking a deep dive into your Bodyscreen results. This allows us to plan out a specific plan to personalize and expedite your results.

Weekly Coaching Calls Keep You on Track

Weekly presentations and 1-1 meetings about the WHY behind your pain keeps your results on track. Questions regarding your program, exercises, scheduling, and anything else are welcome. Nobody is left behind!

Make the Gut Inflammation Back Connection

Make the connection with your NUTRITION, INFLAMMATION, and BACK PAIN. These three presentations by Andy, our Certified Functional Health/Nutritional Expert are a FREE BONUS and include a weekly PDF action plan  

Access EVERYWHERE with Your Private Software & Phone App

All modules, messaging, and essential information in one place make staying accountable easy. Access your modules and individual programs on the go with our private phone app, which means you won't fall behind.

Extra Strength & Conditioning Module

  • Your individualized Bodyscreen to highlight your body's imbalances so we can eliminate them and get you pain-free FOR GOOD! 
  • Weekly presentations and 1-1 Calls to discuss your progress and personalize your program, which means your lower back pain disappears even faster 
  • Three ​Nutritional Coaching modules and meal planning tips with our certified functional/natural health nutritionist means we attack the root of your pain from the inside and out
  • ​Your personal messaging system, dashboard, and mobile app to access your program and me, which means no wasted time trying to access your program, contact me, or problems doing your exercises
  • ​Lifetime access to your program so you have access when you need it which guarantees your pain NEVER comes back
  • ​​Exercise plans focused on strengthening your core, teaching you how to lift, and getting you stronger - which means you get stronger and more fit at the same time

Meet the Team

The traditional approach has convinced us that living a life we chronic pain is IMPOSSIBLE! We're drowning in quick fix solutions and ridiculous symptom based failed strategies. Let's cut through the noise and give you the information that matters.

No matter where you are in life right now, my system will teach you how to own your body and eliminate your lower back pain. Learn how to take control of your body through knowledge and education. 

Become physically and mentally UNBREAKABLE, so you can be the best boss, partner, spouse, parent, or friend that you can be. Develop the tools to crush life's challenges all day, every day.

I DON'T RUN a 'quick fix' one size fits all company. I educate you on HOW to move better, eliminate your pain, and teach you how to understand your body. I give you the owner's manual that you never received so you can start living the pain free life you DESERVE

I have my Bachelors in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training. Masters of Science in Human Performance & Injury Prevention. I am a docent for the University of Tübingen Sports Science Department about the very same topics I am teaching you here.
It is crucial to get your nervous system working with your body and not against it. Nutrition is the key to making this happen faster. Your body needs fuel that ignites the optimizing process. Replacing the foods that cause inflammation with great-tasting alternatives is the catalyst to you feeling amazing. Trust me. I would not invite Andy into this process if it were not CRUCIAL for your success.

Andy has his Bachelors in Exercise Science, a two year Functional Health/Medicine Nutritional Certification, and lectures at the Sports University. Andy will teach you why FAT is not BAD and how you can learn to LOVE food again with being healthy at the same time!

Revenda is a testament to life and what someone can achieve with the Unbreakable Body/Lower Back coaching program. Revenda is a trained dentist and was as active duty military all over the world fixing teeth and keeping our world safe.

 Revenda is in charge of all Learn More calls and does a fantastic job of breaking down the process that made her and all our other clients pain-free. Revenda is not only a graduate of the program, but she is a great friend and the cornerstone of our client's success. 

The Unbreakable Body 

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