The Unbreakable Body 12 Week Program

Learn the tools and knowledge needed to become and STAY pain-free. You are not your diagnosis and you are the boss of your body – not pain.

Become Pain-Free in 3 months & Learn How to Stay That Way

Course Description

The Unbreakable Lower Back is a twelve-week transformation and your step-by-step primer to becoming and staying pain-free. I have created an easy to follow system to help you develop the knowledge needed to become and remain pain-free. Imagine a feeling of whole-body symmetry, where you’re always observing and correcting your body’s position. A body in which your muscles and nervous system work together to achieve balance and strength. Once developed, you can then apply this knowledge to everything you know. Picking up your kids, yoga, Crossfit, running, or simply enjoying life will become the norm. You will know your limitations and understand how to create a path to overcome them and achieve your deserved pain-free life.

The Unbreakable Body 12 Week Transformation:

  •  Initial Consultation with Bodyscreen
  •  Course material and messaging platform in your private software
  • 1-1 Zoom Coaching Calls
  • Access to your entire dashboard through our private
  • Breathing, immune boosting, nutrition, sleep, and reframing pain program

What is the BodyScreen?

The BodyScreen is your personalized view of the “WHY” behind your pain. Let’s focus on the cause of your pain and prevent future injuries you don’t even know that is creeping around the corner. The first Bodyscreen will be during our first week. This will outline where we need to start and give us amazing direction on your current state. The second BodyScreen will be done during the sixth and last month of your coaching program. This will allow us to see the amazing progress you have made along with giving me the data needed to make the final tweaks to your program. You are already “Unbreakable” these final tweaks to the last BodyScreen are used to give you your own 3D Superman glasses to guarantee you stay that way.

Become Pain-Free in 3 months & Learn How to Stay That Way

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