Chronic pain and injury originate from an imbalance in four categories: Movement, Strength, Mobility, and Flexibility. Learning how these four components relate to your pain is the only long-term solution to eliminating your pain.

Medicine, chasing the pain, stopping activities you enjoy, and eventually surgery is inevitable if you don't learn the WHY behind your pain. The human body is the most sophisticated machine built to date. Let's use evidence-based medicine and a holistic approach to eliminate your injury/pain. 

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The WHY Behind Your Pain

The hips and shoulders are the engines of your spine and body. Let me teach you the WHY behind your pain. Together, we will take a deep dive into the root cause behind your pain by teaching you how to move, eat better, train, and, most importantly mentally own pain - so it does not own you. 

The Move More - Move Better System

Don't stop what you love! Let's use the hobbies you miss as the staple activities in your rehab

Mobility is Your New Medicine 

Your muscles are NOT weak. No more pointless "rehab." Start doing what works, and get the results you deserve

You Are NOT Your Diagnosis 

Pain is the language your body speaks. Now you have the Rosetta Stone and can answer back with confidence

 The 360° Full Body Approach

Learn what to eat, how to love great tasting food, and the real science behind what fuels your body for success!

Go Home Prepared

The days of you receiving old printed-out exercise sheets or over. You receive a video for every exercise, mobility drill, or stretch we do together. That means you don't have to worry about forgetting anything or fear you might do something wrong on your own. The dual camera full HD videos will guide you the entire way!

American PT Stuttgart

American PT Stuttgart
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