"I Believe In A World Where
The Default of the Human Body is
Healthy, Happy, & Strong"

The Unbreakable Body was born from the passion and my commitment to change. I wanted to combine the use of physiotherapy, rehabilitation & lifestyle to help others enhance and optimize their life.

From a young age, I was diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, depression, and bipolar disorder; all diseases which were supplemented with Ritalin, Adderall, and Prozac. Years later, I discovered that food allergies were the culprit—all of my so-called “illnesses” were easily treatable with diet and exercise.

My issues were coupled with excruciating pain from my scoliosis and a muscular system that always leans towards the tight & immobile side. This lead to shoulder impingement, achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, and multiple other painful issues all related to my poor mobility. Countless doctors and physical therapists related this to my scoliosis and told me there was nothing I could do.

Ever thought about moving to Egypt? I did. And I did it. In 2008, I assisted its tennis federation in building one of the best junior players in the country. Five years later, after traveling around the world as the physio and strength coach for junior tennis player Karim Hossam, he had an impressive record of no significant injuries and an international ranking of 11th in the world. 

My experience in Egypt led me to learn Arabic and to participate in the Egyptian Revolution. In a defining moment that I was under a bridge with bullets and rocks flying over my head that I decided to leave and create my reality. 

Sindelfingen, Germany, is the home of Grant Training Systems - but my clients are worldwide. My online course with personal coaching has helped hundreds of people learn how to become and stay pain-free. 

I lecture for the University of Tübingen's Sport Science Department and speak for multiple German Federations about the importance of movement, mobility, and lifestyle. I have my undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training and a Masters of Science in Human Performance and Injury Prevention.

Contact me at david@granttrainingsystems.com if you are searching for a solution backed by science, education, knowledge, and most importantly - results.