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Physical Therapy - Strength Program - Nutrition Coaching

With a BONUS Mindset Module

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What is the BodyScreen?

The Bodyscreen is your personalized view of the “WHY” behind your pain. Let’s focus on the cause of your pain and prevent future injuries you don’t even know that are creeping around the corner. 

The Bodyscreen will outline where we need to start and give us fantastic direction about your current state. 

Your Bodyscreen will be our 3D glasses into the root cause of your problems and pain. These simple lines and circles are the Rosette Stone in your journey to becoming and STAYING pain-free.

Then We Build Your Action Plan

We will book your first of six online physical therapy sessions after you have received your video annotation of me taking a deep dive into your Bodyscreen results. This allows us to plan out a specific plan to personalize and expedite your results.

The Unbreakable Body Rehab Modules

The Unbreakable Body 3-Month Coaching Program Consists of Eight Modules broken into six sections. Each section contains a minimum of three to five videos, which means over 150 videos teach you step by step how to eliminate your lower back pain and STAY like that FOREVER!

*Below is a breakdown of each section within one module 

The Unbreakable Body Running Module

Learn the WHY and HOW behind running correctly. I was 3rd in the state of Maine for Cross Country, and my heel striking technique caused multiple injuries and chronic pain. I now lecture and teach WHY striking heel your causes injury and HOW to switch to a forefoot running technique.

Never ran before? Great! That means we can teach you the correct technique from the start! This module is also fantastic for all levels of runners due to its technique based focus.

Go Deeper into The WHY behind your pain

I have added a bonus of six keynote presentations that dig even deeper into the WHY behind your pain. The only real solution is learning WHY your injury/chronic pain occurs and HOW to eliminate the root cause, so it disappears FOREVER!

Nutrition Coaching: How, When, & What to Eat 

Make the Gut Inflammation Back Connection

Make the connection with your NUTRITION, INFLAMMATION, and BACK PAIN. Together, we will map out a nutritional program focusing on the WHY behind your food. We will focus on what YOU need: weight loss, muscle gain, or maintaining your body weight.

 Strength & Conditioning

Get Strong - Stay Strong

You need to learn how to lift; no one is more qualified than me to teach you. Deadlifts, squats, kettlebell swings, and bar hangs might sound scary - but that is why you are in pain. Let me teach you how to move and get stronger - You WILL become PAIN-FREE!

You will get weekly or bi-weekly strength programs designed to build the strength YOU NEED!

Bonus Mindset Module

Become Stronger as the World Get's Weaker

At eleven years old, I went to my first mental hospital. Doctors misdiagnosed my Food Allergies as Bi-Polar Depression and ADHD. I spent six months in a military school investigated for abuse and an Emotional Growth Boarding School in the middle of nowhere for 2.5 years.

I was almost killed multiple times under a bridge in Egypt during the revolution, performed street security when the country was in turmoil, and almost got kidnapped in Nigeria.

Let me teach you how I stay Healthy, Happy, and Strong.

Bonus LifeStyle Module

Change Remains When it Become Your LifeStyle

Lifelong results come when you change your lifestyle. The good news is that this is the easiest part to change when done correctly. Let's teach you how to sleep better and breathe correctly, so your nervous system works with you and NOT against you!

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Let me Introduce Myself

The Unbreakable Body was born from the passion and my commitment to change. I wanted to combine the use of physiotherapy, rehabilitation & lifestyle to help others enhance and optimize their life.

From a young age, I was diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, depression, and bipolar disorder; all diseases which were supplemented with Ritalin, Adderall, and Prozac. Years later, I discovered that food allergies were the culprit—all of my so-called “illnesses” were easily treatable with diet and exercise.

My issues were coupled with excruciating pain from my scoliosis and a muscular system that always leans towards the tight & immobile side. This lead to shoulder impingement, achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, and multiple other painful issues all related to my poor mobility. Countless doctors and physical therapists related this to my scoliosis and told me there was nothing I could do.

That was my catalyst to obtaining my undergraduate degree in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine. I graduated with my Master of Science in Human Performance and Injury Prevention with an almost perfect GPA (3.9)

 I completed over 2,500 hours of internships during my undergraduate degree with the NFL, NHL, MLB, AVP, and multiple college sports teams. I worked with numerous professional athletes such as Adrian Peterson, Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Calvin Johnson, Misty May Treanor, Kerri Walsh, John McEnroe, and many others.

I then became the assistant to Pat Etcheberry at Saddlebrook Tennis Resort (formerly known as Harry Hopman Academy), one of tennis's most renowned strength coaches. I worked with multiple top ATP and WTA players like Victoria Azarenka, Justine Henin, Martina Hingis, and many others. 

Ever thought about moving to Egypt? I did. And I did it. In 2008, I assisted its tennis federation in building one of the best junior players in the country. Five years later, after traveling around the world as the physio and strength coach for junior tennis player Karim Hossam, he had an impressive record of no significant injuries and an international ranking of 11th in the world. 

My experience in Egypt led me to learn Arabic and to participate in the Egyptian Revolution. In a defining moment that I was under a bridge with bullets and rocks flying over my head that I decided to leave and create my reality. 

Sindelfingen, Germany, is the home of Grant Training Systems - but my clients are worldwide. My online course with personal coaching has helped hundreds of people learn how to become and stay pain-free. 

I lecture for the University of Tübingen's Sport Science Department and speak for multiple German Federations about the importance of movement, mobility, and lifestyle. 

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Your reality should be pain-free. You should be the NAVY SEAL of your body. You know you have the tools to eliminate any pain you might experience so you dare the pain to come back. THAT IS YOUR FUTURE

Basia was told "It was her fault"
because science did not have the answer to her pain

She knew there must be a better answer. She did not believe that lower back pain and never running again was her future. Seven days into the program she was running without pain

Doctors told Brian SURGERY was the only ANSWER 
This was Brians answer four months later, no surgery, and pain-free

Brian's had experienced lower back pain that prevented him from doing anything with out the fear of throwing his back out. Brian often took vacation days when he was not able to work due to the pain. Multiple doctors ran different diagnostic tests and advised that surgery was the only way out. Brian is 50 years old, has not had surgery and is in better shape and more pain-free than he was at 40.

Erica knew a life of playing with her kids, running on the weekend, and being the best school teacher she could was not too much to ask for
Learning the why behind her lower back pain was the solution and got her back to doing what she loved in less than two months!
Vivienne told the doctor that "Pain Management" is a poor answer
Learning more about her body and understanding her pain made her more confident to ask for better answers

Vivienne waited months to see her doctor and asked him a few questions regarding her recent ultra sound and MRI. Her doctors response was quite pathetic and Vivienne's response was fantastic.

Watch Vivienne's Full Testimonial Here

More Results in 30 Days versus 5 Years
Jennie knew something was different when her pain did not come back

Jennie tells a great story about attending a musical that was twice as long as she expected. She was excited when the drive there, long musical, and drive back caused ZERO BACK PAIN! 

Nina was told she was knock-kneed
Doctors should tell us what to do NOT what we have

Sadly, this was not the case for Nina. She was told her knees where "deformed" and lower back pain is expected. They expected shoulder and neck pain would start soon and she was prone to a "slipped" disc.

"This four week program is your solution when you have lower back pain and want to fix it on your own time. I had lower back pain for so long I was skeptical. Now I am a true believer!"
Director of the Urology Department Sindelfingen Hospital
Dr. Prof. Thomas Knoll
"I wanted to lift my son without pain. I thought the years of jumping out of planes and the military abusing my body made it impossible. David's program showed me that I was wrong and becoming pain free is possible."
West Point Academy Graduate Engineer
Alex Morse
"Teaching yoga has done wonders for my body. However, there was a connection with my lower back pain I did not understand. David helped connect those dots and eliminated my lower back pain."
Yoga Teacher and Mother
Sarah Cummins
"Crossfit takes its toll on my body, especially my lower back. David's program helped me learn how to manage my training and eliminate my lower back pain"
Crossfit Athlete and Weekend Warrior
Mitch Scherrer
"I spent four years beating my body up in college tennis. Now I coach part time and have an office job that requires tons of sitting. David's approach taught me how to own my body, make better decisions, and prevent my lower back pain from coming back
College Athlete and Tennis Coach
Nina Linke
"I was a full time sprinter for the German National Team. The amount of training wrecked havoc on my body. David taught me how to work smarter when it came to addressing my tight hip flexors causing my lower back pain"
Multiple German National Champion
Eva Bauer
"I thought lower back pain was normal since I work long hours in a dental practice.  Now I know what I need to do when my back pain comes, but even more importantly what I can do so it does not!"
Dental Assistant 
Van Nguyen
"I like to train hard. I also love to be a great mother and wife. Balancing all of these things with lower back pain was impossible. David's program got me results by teaching me how to work smarter and not harder."
Weekend Warrior and Mother
Erin Quinn
Trust me, it's not MAGIC
It's a system matched with accountability. 

Most people "fail" because they were given a poor strategy WITHOUT any guided accountability. How is it YOUR FAULT when they put YOU in a system designed to fail? Now you have the right strategy matched with professionals keeping you accountable.   

Grant Training Systems
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